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June 9, 2003

Members and friends of the Green Party of Mississippi will be out in force to protest at the June 9 fundraising luncheon for Haley Barbour's Republican gubernatorial campaign at the Gulf Coast Convention Center. Vice President Dick Cheney, former CEO of Halliburton, will be the main speaker.

The Green Party of Mississippi characterizes this $1000 a table event, hosted by corporate officers and business owners, as an excellent example of the corruption of government by wealthy and powerful corporate interests at the expense of citizen taxpayers, voters and labor.

The Green Party promotes voluntary public financing of all federal elections as the best and most comprehensive campaign finance reform. This measure would give candidates for public office strong incentives to choose public funding over private money. The power of government would thereby be restored to citizens who could then expect fair consideration by Congress and the White House of issues favorable to labor, the environment, public health, civil rights and world peace.

The Green Party of Mississippi's own candidate for Governor, Sherman Lee Dillon, has refused any corporate donations and funds his campaign solely from donations from citizens of no more than $200.

The Green Party of Mississippi may be reached at or, and Dillon's campaign at,, or 601-948-7818.  

Event Contact:  

Dr. Will Watson, Green Party of Mississippi/SMUP
cell: 228-669-9377
voice mail: 228-867-2629