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From the Green Party of the United States  19-22 July 2018
Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City:

State and local candidates press conference

Federal candidates press conference part 1

Federal candidates press conference part 2

Federal candidates press conference part 3

Al Jazeera sent a crew with a reporter, producer, and cameraman and their overview of the meeting was posted by many media outlets

The New York Times sent a reporter and photographer - look for articles to come from them in the future on the Green Party
Diane Moxley and Chase Iron Eyes had a great interview on KRCL's show "Radioactive"

See the list of 2018 Green Party candidates in all states, including Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Texas, at
then think about how we in Mississippi can build our "imperative" party for our future.

So, how do Greens really differ from Democrats and Republicans on key issues?

The Real Difference

The Green Party of Mississippi became an official party when its registration was accepted by the Secretary of State's Office on April 4, 2002.

The State Executive Committee is working to organize county and congressional district committees across the entire state. Over 8,000 Mississippians voted for the Green Party ticket in the 2000 presidential race. If you were one of those voting for Nader, we want to especially invite you to join the new party and work for a county committee and offer other likeminded progressives an invitation to work inside a new political party.

Our democratic form of government necessitates local participation. A unique experience in American self-government awaits. Our goal is to offer the voter new candidates in a new party and to offer citizens alternative solutions to local and global problems and disputes.

Los Diez Valores Principales del Partido Verde

Music by Evan Peacock and Jan Hillegas (GPMS) (Copyright 2001) - Video edited by Cedrick Jenkins

"A Green Song" is for Greens to hear, sing along to, and record your own rendition and/or add video and send it to The copyright just tells you not to make money off this. Please sing "A Green Song" and let the world hear us!

Our 2016 Political Plan has been filed with the Secretary of State.

Mississippians Talk with Rosa Clemente

Rosa Clemente

WASHINGTON, DC -- Green Party leaders said today that efforts to clean up the Gulf region after the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill have not restored the ecosystem or removed the threat to public health.

Furthermore, plans for more offshore drilling, such as Exxon Mobil's development of the Julia oil field in the Gulf of Mexico (, pose a continuing and growing danger to the region and are undermining promised efforts to lower greenhouse gas emissions. more.

Greens March Against Monsanto

Two Mississippi Greens participated May 25, 2013 in a Jackson march and rally of about 100 people for labelling of foods containing Genetically Modified Organisms and against Monsanto's attempts to expand GMO use without labelling.

See Green experts' statement at Greens Against Monsanto

View the Green Party of Mississippi newsletter

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